We offer a rich variety of delicious food

Our restaurant has a fine reputation for serving deliciously tasting, crackling and juicy knuckles with a wide selection of garnish and side dishes. Additionally, our home-made sausages are also one of the many tasty dishes on our menu

Our recommendations in Fall


grilled slices of homemade napkin dumplings.

Knuddel is an ancient “kölsch” word for dumpling. The preparation of so-called napkin dumplings is only known since a few centuries. The elaborate preparation
method made the “knuddel” worthwhile only for festivities, weddings and for you today.

Knuddel with Pork-knuckle goulash and garnished with crème fraîche .... €12,50

Knuddle with Goulash of beef and garnished with crème fraîche .... €12,50

Knuddel served with a creamy mushroom sauce .... €12,50