The Haxenhaus gets its fresh knuckles from farmers and certified dispatchers daily. With a very careful and strict selection, our team steam cooks the knuckles over night in a vegetable and spice marinade until just right before grilling them in time when you place your order. With over 30 years of experience, looking for the perfect recipe, we have collected many variations from many regions of Germany and put them together for you. As a renowned specialist, the Haxenhaus team can offer more than 14 recipe variations. 

We have two of our most delicious knuckles to select.

Pork-Knuckle à la Carte

Grilled pork-knuckle Buttermarkt

ab 16,20€

Grilled lamb-knuckle Frankenwerft

ab 16,65€

One sideorder is included in the price above.

Pan fried potatoes - Mashed potatoes - Boiled potatoes - Pan fried Mushrooms - Cole slaw - Seasonal vegetables - Small tossed salad - Bread

Sauces: Dark beer sauce - Farmers sauce (bacon) - Barbecue sauce - Mushroom sauce

The Haxenhaus’ Creations and Pork-knuckle Specialties

ab 15,75€

  • Pork knuckle Limburg Pig

    a rare speciality and delicacy for lovers of grilled knuckels: marinated in a healthy brew made from celery, rosemary, laurel and leeches, briefly grilled over high heat and served with Rhineland carrots and potatoes

  • Pork knuckle Beijing

    The Beijing pork-knuckle is boiled in LoDschin-broth then marinated with Asian spices. We serve this crispy grilled pork-knuckle straight up on a flat pan with cabbage salad, fresh baked bread and sweet-sour dip.

  • Pork knuckle Herzog

    Grilled pork-knuckle simmered in a spices’ marinade, cooked in herbs and served with caramelised apple stripes and Calvados sauce

  • Pork knuckle Kölner Art

    grilled pork knuckle topped with a red sausage, onions, cheese, served with red cabbage and mashed potatoes

  • Pork knuckle Helena

    grilled pork knuckle in a crust of ginger and honey, served with a salad oh shredded raw cabbage and fried potato wedges

  • Pork knuckle Augustus

    grilled pork knuckle, pan-fried sausage and bavarian "leberkaes" served with pan-fried potatoes and “Sauerkraut"

  • Pork knuckle Bierkutscher

    grilled pork knuckle served with a spicy dark beer sauce, white cabbage and potatoe wedges

  • Pork Knuckle Alter Fritz

    slices of fried, marinated pork-knuckle, served with a baked potato and sour cream