Freshly grilled knuckles of pork and home-made bratwurst every day

Our restaurant is especially known for serving delicious crispy and juicy pork knuckles with a rich selection of side dishes. In addition, our homemade Bratwurst is also one of many delicacies from our range.

🌟 Haxenhaus Collection 🌱 Vegeterian 🥑 Vegan




Spicy goulash soup with bread

Schloot 🌱 🥑


Colourful mixed salad



Warm pork scratchings

Flönzthaler (4 pieces)


A regional appetizer: black pudding served on pumpernickel bread and fine herb butter


Salad Capra 🌱 🥑


Colourful mixed salad served with warm goat cheese, fig mustard and dressing

Salad Barn


Slices of fried, marinated por-knuckle, served on a salad with herb dressing

Salad Rheingarten


Salad served with grilled turkey stripes and herb dressing

Salad Holzspan


Colourful mixed salad with crispy pork scratchings and herb dressing

Pork knuckles & lamb knuckles

As a nationally recognised specialist for the preparation of knuckles of pork, the Haxenhaus kitchen can now offer more than 14 different recipes. Our popular knuckle of pork and lamb are available to choose from.

Limburger knuckle of pork 🌟


The fresh knuckles of pork from a monastery are left to marinate for several days in a brew of celery, rosemary, laurel and leek, grilled over high heat before being served with mixed vegetables and potatoes

Drei Könige


“All in one” slices of lamb and pork-knuckle as well as spareribs served with sauerkraut and pan-fried potatoes

Knuckle of pork Augustus


Grilled pork-knuckle served with a pan-fried home made sausage and “Leberkäse”

Knuckle of pork Herzog 🌟


Knuckle of pork simmered in a spicy marinade, grilled with caramelized apple slices, served with regional field potatoes and a refined Calvados sauce

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Knuckle of pork Beijing 🌟


Based on an original recipe from China: Local knuckle of pork cooked in the bubbling LoDschin stock and rubbed with a mix of Asian spices. The grilled knuckle of pork is served in a flat pan, surrounded by cabbage salad and ginger, farmer’s bread and sweet and sour dip.

Knuckle of lamb Frankenwerft


Grilled lamb knuckle, prepared according to an old farmer’s recipe, served with potatoes and vegetables

Knuckle of pork Helena


Grilled pork-knuckle refined with ginger honey marinade served with fried potato wedges and a salad bouquet

Knuckle Alter Fritz


Crispy fried, marinated pork knuckle of pork served with a large baked potato with sour cream and cranberry sauce.

Homemade Bratwurst

1 Meter Löve Will Bratwurst


For 2 persons – 1 meter of homemade sausage with pan-fried potatoes and sauerkraut

1/2 Meter Löve Will Bratwurst


For 1 person – with pan-fried potatoes and sauerkraut

Main courses - Regional specialities

Wiener Schnitzel


The all-time classic scallop of veal served with pan-fried potatoes, a side salad and wild cranberries

Traditional Spareribs


Spareribs “Haxenhaus-style” glazed with our own barbecue-sauce served with coleslaw and bread




homemade sausage with ratatouille and potatoes

Turkey Steak


Steak of turkeyserved with a creamy sauce with vegetables, potato wedges and braised onions

Erlenstamm 🌱


Baked potato on salad bed filled with purple curry sour cream and fried mushrooms



Leberkäse with fried egg and pan-fried potatoes


Rhenish apple strudel


With vanilla-sauce and vanilla ice cream

Chocolate cake with red fruit jelly


Mixed ice cream


with whipped creme