Terms and Conditions

Some of our programmes have individual General Terms and Conditions

Luoderei© – the medieval feast

  • The ticket is only valid for the date entered on the ticket
  • Organiser of the event is F.H.W Gastronomie GmbH.
  • Cancellation by the customer is to be effected in writing. In the event of a function cancellation by the customer, F.H.W. is entitled to charge a lump sum for the damage incurred. If a cancellation is effected up to seven days before the date of the function, the customer is charged 20 per cent of the contractually agreed price. Cancellation effected at a later date entails a charge of 90 per cent of the contractually agreed price. It is for the customer to prove that the cancellation has entailed either no damage or a significantly lower damage.
  • F.H. W. is entitled, if technically justifiable reasons exist, to alter the programme or to withdraw from the contract. If F.H.W. is responsible for the cancellation of the event it will either suggest a new date or reimburse any payment already made. This is the limit of the customer’s claim for damages.
  • The liability of F.H.W. is limited to cases of intent and gross negligence of the persons acting on its behalf.
  • Ineffectiveness or invalidity of individual provisions of these general terms and conditions does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Status: November 2001, the Management